A sunny picture for a gloomy day

It’s been raining pretty much all day in Daglan. And Météo France has predicted pretty much the same gloomy weather for the next several days. Take your pick — it will be just cloudy, or raining, or storming.

So today’s post is meant simply to brighten things up this Sunday.

It’s a picture taken a few days ago by one of Radio Free Daglan’s top staff photographers, my wife Jan, who had been out for a bike ride one morning. She had headed out on the bicycle path that runs from Daglan all the way north to Castelnaud, but then she exited the path at Pont de Cause and got on the roads.

She first stopped and chatted with friends Caitlin and Albert, who run the lovely bed-and-breakfast called La Tour de Cause, not far from Castelnaud. Jan then set out on the D50, which runs up a long hill and eventually reaches Berbiguières (how’s that for a great name?). Somewhere near the top of the hill, she saw a young foal at a farm, and couldn’t resist taking a picture.

There’s no story with this — we don’t even know if the large horse is the foal’s mother, although we suppose so — but both of us like the photo for capturing some lovely creatures on a sunny summer day. Here it is:


For the horse lovers among you.

As I finish writing this, the sun has just broken through the clouds a bit. There — it worked!

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1 Response to A sunny picture for a gloomy day

  1. Lisa at fLVE says:

    How delightful. Great picture!

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