Big Muddy

Here at Radio Free Daglan, members of our Geographical Naming Unit have been reviewing the status of the Céou River, the tributary of the Dordogne River that runs along the outskirts of our village. After the heavy rainfalls of recent weeks, they are considering re-naming it Big Muddy.

To understand how much things have changed around here, consider the following two before-and-after photos. The first shows a small cascade or waterfall on the Céou, between the hamlet of Bouzic and our village; it was taken a couple of years ago, and is one of my personal favourites:


What a nice little waterfall should look like.

Then came several weeks of rainy weather in April and May, reaching its peak a couple of days ago. And here’s what the same stretch of river looked like on Tuesday at about noon:


Waterfall? What waterfall?

Beyond Daglan, heading up towards St. Cybranet and Castelnaud (where the Céou joins the Dordogne River), things get a bit worse. Whole fields are flooded, like this area beyond the turn-off to Le Peyruzel:


Fields and fields are flooded by the overflow from the Céou.

Closer to home, here’s a small area in the village where kids can play on the swings and other equipment and families can enjoy a picnic:


The kids had better wear rubber boots if they want to play here.

The good news is that we’re getting a break. Today is sunny and bright — and fingers are crossed that this weather hangs around for a while.

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  1. Lisa at fLVE says:

    Hope your weekend’s sunny and beautiful. 🙂

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