Door-to-door seafood

There’s lots of door-to-door service available in the Greater Daglan Area, including right here in the vicinity of our home.

For example, my wife and I have taken to buying most of our wine online, because we get a better selection; within a couple of days, the van with the wine arrives. (Needless to say, the driver comes often enough that he never gets lost or needs directions, and he and I always shake hands when he shows up.)

Given the number of senior citizens in the village, there is a fair amount of daily traffic involving door-to-door delivery of food (in effect, Meals on Wheels) and medical care (nurses, doctors).

One of my personal favourites, however, is the weekly arrival of the fish truck. Of course we can buy fresh seafood of all varieties in the various weekly markets around the GDA, and in the large supermarkets. But there is something special about the personal visit to Daglan.

Each Wednesday, at about 12:30 p.m., we can hear the piercing whistle on the fishmonger’s truck that announces his arrival in the square (Place de la Liberté) just up our little street. More recently, he has started coming down our street and stopping just a few metres away from our front door. I believe this is because an elderly couple lives a few doors away from us, and his stop at their front door makes it easy for them to shop.

In any case, today was a fish-truck day, and here he is. I’ve taken this photo from our front stairs, and on the right side of his truck you can see the door starting to swing up, to expose his counter of fish and other seafood on their beds of ice:

Fish truck

The weekly visit of the fish truck to our quartier.

In case you can’t read the writing on the back of his truck, his poissonnerie (fish shop, or fishmonger’s shop) is called La Marée, or The Tide. Jean Philippe, the fishmonger himself, is a jolly and helpful guy from Sarlat, who may not always have everything we want (he seems to run out of fresh shrimp a lot) but who sells only high-quality seafood. He’s a good guy to know, and a welcome visitor each week.

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4 Responses to Door-to-door seafood

  1. Paul says:

    During our last visit we noticed him setting up shop in the Place de la Liberté and became interested when several locals made a beeline. I bought some ‘thon’ from him, It’s not often that I can say “That was a beautiful piece of fish” but it really was.

  2. loren24250 says:

    Paul, absolutely! Tuesday, it’s the seafood in the Cénac market. Wednesday, Daglan. And Sarlat, as well. Thursday’s market is Monpazier, which is a bit of a drive, but well worthwhile. Friday, stay home. Saturday? Sarlat again. So there’s lots of choice!

  3. D2 says:

    We had a mobile fish guy knock on our door last summer. He had what appeared to be a freezer in the back of his unmarked pickup. I told him I didn’t buy fish from a truck and he got rather angry at me and went off on a rant. Not exactly the best way to build your client base. If he had a proper set up like your monger it would have been a different situation.

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