Around the world in 80 blogs (or so)

Last summer (July 19, to be exact) I was pleased to announce that Radio Free Daglan had won a “Recommended Website” award from Expat Focus. Now the Expat Focus organization has expanded and improved its listing of top-rated blogs from around the world, and it’s easy for you to connect.

Just take a look at the handsome badge at the right of the this column, which names Radio Free Daglan as a “Top Blog” that’s among the “Best of the Web.” That badge serves as a link to Expat Focus’s homepage, and a further link to blogs written by ex-patriates in a wide range of countries. (Okay, I haven’t counted them all. But “Around the world in 80 blogs” sounds memorable.)

Interestingly, there are two (that’s 2) blogs listed for ex-pats living in Canada, and one blog (that’s 1) for ex-pats in the United States. By contrast, Radio Free Daglan is one of 26 recommended blogs dealing with life in France.

If you’re interested in a bit of international exploring, just click on the Expat Focus badge at the right, and when you get to the homepage, click on “Blogs” at the top right. Then just pick the country that interests you most.

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1 Response to Around the world in 80 blogs (or so)

  1. michaelchudy says:

    A well-deserved distinction. Ness and I are perhaps a few years away from retiring to the sunny shores of somewhere, but she did mention that she is ready and willing to “ex-pat” herself having taken inspiration from your recent posts on life in France this afternoon.

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