Ari’s no longer scary (we hope)

The problems with our oven — the Ariston built-in model that I dubbed Ari (pronounced to rhyme with scary) — were well documented in Radio Free Daglan this week, in postings on Monday and Tuesday.

By now, my wife Jan and I were prepared to settle in for a good long wait, until the necessary replacement control could arrive. I figured it would be shipped from China, through the Panama Canal and then offloaded in Bordeaux, where it would travel by truck for three days in the wrong direction, before it finally wound up in the hands of J.P., our appliance repairman, sometime this autumn. But lo and behold — J.P. phoned this morning to say he had the part and would arrive at our home this afternoon (Thursday). Huzzah!

Since the oven is built in, J.P. first had to unscrew it, so that he could pull it out and place it onto his handy wooden cart with wheels, like this:

Oven out

Here's Ari, just before being removed.

Once the oven was out onto the kitchen floor, J.P. removed the sheet metal covering on its top, so he could get into Ari’s inner workings. It looked like this:

Out on the floor

J.P. swings into action, while Jan watches intently.

With the cover off the top of the oven, J.P. could make his way to the electronic controls, confirm what was wrong, and install a replacement part. The defective part — the one that was telling Ari to turn itself on and off at will — is the smallish brown part just to the right of the large green panel in the centre of this photo:

Oven controls

Ari's electronic (disturbed) brain is exposed.

Once the new part was in place, J.P. simply had to screw on the cover again, tighten up everything, and return Ari to its rightful place (aided manfully, I have to say, by me). Here’s the oven, just about ready to go:

Back into action

Ari gets put in his place.

Then it was just a matter of J.P. setting the time, checking the controls, and preparing his invoice. Here’s the new, happy face of Ari:

Stove front

That's the time, silly, not the year. It's showing 2:54 in the afternoon.

When all the work was done, we had a good old chat with J.P., and gave him a cheque for 125 euros. That seemed reasonable enough, although I still think I could be getting some offsetting income from Stephen King one day. After all, the idea of a scary oven with a mind of its own has some serious potential.


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3 Responses to Ari’s no longer scary (we hope)

  1. Allan Schlar says:

    Take a bottle, fill it with some great French wine and get some cheese and a baguette. Drink it yourself and soon Ari will be a distant memory in an otherwise splendiferous (good scrabble word) life.

  2. loren24250 says:

    Absolutely right, Allan. We’re currently right in the middle of the kind of therapy you propose! Well done!

  3. Gaynor says:

    Interesting that you tell the tale about your computer going on fire because looking at the photo of Ari’s inner working reminds me a lot of inside a computer. Looks like your oven is a kind of computer/oven hybrid and you were victims of technology gone wrong. Glad that you are following Allan’s most excellent advice and hope that Ari’s arbitrary actions have been cured.

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