Ari Two (rhymes with Scary Too)

We were a bit astonished this morning when the phone range and it was — wait for it — J.P., the appliance repairman from Gourdon. He was calling to discuss our problem with Ari, my pet name for our problematic and somewhat scary Ariston oven.

As I described the problem in Radio Free Daglan yesterday, Ari had developed the nasty habit of not staying turned off when we wanted it off, and had learned how to turn itself on, full blast, as we were sleeping.

After J.P. confirmed the oven’s model number, and then getting its serial number, he told my wife that he would be ordering the part. She said that to judge by his tone, she figured he had come across this problem before.

(A side note: This all reminded me of an incident a few years ago in Toronto, when I returned to my office after lunch one day and thought I smelled smoke. I asked one of my staff what had happened, and she replied that my computer had started pouring out smoke, and so she unplugged it. When we called the computer company, the customer service rep asked what model it was. When we told her, she said: “Oh yeah, that one. It catches fire.”)

Anyway, here in Daglan the wheels of progress are in motion. We could be having roasts again by Halloween! Please stay tuned.

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