Touches of spring colour

Our Sunday market is a pretty good barometer (thermometer? speedometer?) of activity in the village, and things have started to brighten up a bit.

In the darkest days of January and February, especially when it’s rainy, the number of stalls at the market plummets. I think the worst so far was when we had exactly one lonely stall up in our square, Place de la Liberté. But this past Sunday, we started to get a bit more action — and some touches of spring colour. Have a look:

Sunday market

The Sunday market is being set up.

What caught the eye of my wife Jan was the display by the young woman who sells flowers, since the flowers planted around our house had become quite frostbitten over the past few weeks. (In Hollywood, I understand, there is some early talk about filming “Requiem for a Geranium” at our home soon.) Anyway, here’s the flower stall as it looked on Sunday morning:

Flower staff

Flowers for sale in Place de la Liberté.

So Jan decided to buy several pansy plants, for the small flower pots that sit on our front steps. (Since her favourite colour is purple, guess what she chose.) Here’s a close-up:


This photographic study might be called: The Colour Purple.

And here’s how the flowers looked when they were all nicely potted (by Jan) and then placed on our front steps:

Flower pots on steps

The flower pots now have a home on our steps.

Later in the day (while I was wearing my Working Words hat and busily writing copy for a corporate website), Jan went for a bit of a walk, and found some activity down on the Daglan waterfront, better known as the banks of the Céou River. Here’s a group, getting ready to enjoy the water:


Getting ready to hit the river.

And here’s Kayak No. 1, taking the first plunge of the (early) spring season:

Entering the Céou

Heading into the Céou River, with a bit of a splash.

And here’s another kayak, just making the rounds, near a bridge over the Céou:

Kayak at bridge

Like a bridge? Over trout-filled waters?

You realize that this posting would not be complete without some reference to food, don’t you? So what colourful food do you think about during long winter days? For Jan and me, the meal that most often triggered thoughts of spring and summer when we were enduring Toronto winters was paella — with its bright mix of meats (chicken, chorizo sausage) and seafood (shrimp, mussels, squid) and saffron rice with bright red pepper chunks and flecks of parsley. So here’s a peek at our lunch this past Sunday:


Few things can brighten a table like a dish of paella.

The Sunday magic (or was it the paella?) seems to have worked, because it’s been incredibly bright and sunny ever since. Everyone I meet comments on how the sun is shining, and then looks at me dubiously when I reply”C’est le printemps!” (“It’s spring!”) I am pretty sure they are thinking, “This may seem like spring to you, oh survivor of many Canadian winters, but it’s still a bit early to be celebrating spring here!”

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