A round-up of tidbits for February 3

Having awakened from a long winter’s nap (in the sense of “too lazy or otherwise occupied to be blogging”), I now provide a collection of tidbits — some news and views of life in the Greater Daglan Area.

Snowflakes! Let the record show that yesterday (Thursday, February 2) we had snow. Okay, not very much. Well, hardly any, actually. But there were in fact a few snowflakes falling slowly to the ground, where of course they vanished instantly. However, it does show that the GDA has not been immune to the cold spell that is currently terrorizing the Continent and those islands on the other side of the English Channel. Today it’s quite cold here (although beautifully sunny), which means it’s a great time to go out to lunch. Which we will be doing shortly.

Countdown! We are in the final stages of the annual winter closure of Le Petit Paris, Daglan’s lovely restaurant. It re-opens on February 10, which is exactly a week from today. Just in time for us to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day lunch there.

Treats! Way back on December 31 of last year, traditionally known as New Year’s Eve, we had lunch at Sarlat’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Le Grand Bleu, with friends Darlene and Rob from Toronto. (That was before we had the wonderful New Year’s Eve five-course dinner with friends at the château high above Daglan.) As always, we found the food at Le Grand Bleu wonderful, from start to finish. For photographic proof, here is the start:


A tray of amuse-bouches as served at Le Grand Bleu.

The amuse-bouches are served before the entrées and the main course, and are always delightful. And then to end the meal, following dessert, we received this tray of tiny tasty treats — les mignardises:


A tray of mignardises, as served at Le Grand Bleu.

Le Grand Bleu was closed for the month of January, but it’s back in action now — and we already have our next reservation made. It’s for a Sunday lunch with friends Letitia and Roy, who haven’t had the pleasure of dining at Le Grand Bleu yet. I have to say I’m pretty confident that they’ll enjoy it.

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One Response to A round-up of tidbits for February 3

  1. Le Grand Bleu was something special – those photos are making me hungry!

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