My Lassie moment

There are probably some readers who are old enough and North American enough to remember the TV show Lassie. If so, you’ll recall that almost every episode seemed to include the collie running into the house and barking furiously. This always signified something like: “Pa has cut his leg with the axe again!” or “Pa’s fallen into the well — come quick!” Then the family would race out the door to the rescue.

This afternoon in Daglan, I had my own little Lassie moment.

I had just entered my garage, with my back to the open door, intent on organizing the remaining firewood and getting set for tomorrow’s delivery of more wood, when a dog suddenly started barking furiously — only a couple of feet away from me. Naturally, I just about jumped out of my skin.

Once I recovered and looked around, I saw that it was Taiga, one of two dogs owned by one of our elderly neighbours. (I confess I don’t know what kind of dog it is, except that it’s brown and black and fairly small. I’m also not sure how to spell her name, but she probably doesn’t know either.) Anyway, Taiga was barking her head off, turning in circles, and jumping up on me. Naturally, I feared something bad had happened to her owner — our neighbour. In other words, Taiga was playing Lassie, and asking me to “Come quick!”

Immediately I called for my wife Jan, told her my concern, and sent her off next door to see what the matter was. (I thought Jan should see our neighbour, just in case the problem involved some embarrassing “woman’s problem” that I shouldn’t see — but of course I told Jan to shout if she needed my help.)

After a few minutes, Jan returned, saying that all was well. The problem was simply that Taiga had been locked out, and wanted to go back inside the house.

So, all’s well that ends well. But hey — is that a smart dog, or what?


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2 Responses to My Lassie moment

  1. Double D says:

    That’s funny. If your human neighbour came by to say they were locked out you probably wouldn’t think they were smart! Sorry that might be a bit “rough”

  2. loren24250 says:

    You’re right. The “smart” part of Taiga’s behaviour was that she knew I was a friend and could help. But who knows where this could lead? Will she want me to start providing her with treats?

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