Fancy a horse ride?

It’s been a bit grey and rainy for the past several days, but no complaints from this corner of the Greater Daglan Area. The rain is much needed, the sun does break through now and again, and the temperatures are cool but pleasant.

So, what to do for recreation? Clearly, canoeing and kayaking on the Dordogne River (a hugely popular summer activity) are finished for the year, at least if you need to rent a boat. But horseback riding, it seems, is still a good option.

Today my wife Jan was out for her Sunday morning walk, while I slaved over a hot magret de canard with apple, marmalade and Grand Marnier sauce, getting set for lunch. As she turned onto the back road that extends all the way to Castelnaud, small groups of riders started passing her. Here’s a look at the road itself, with a walnut grove in the background:


The road is also an official bicycle path.

As Jan walked along, she was passed by so many riders on horseback that she lost count, but estimates that it might have been twenty or so. Eventually she stopped a couple of them and asked if she could take their picture. They were happy to oblige:

Two riders

Two riders out for a Sunday jaunt.

And here’s another view:

Horseback riders

The riders look happy to be posing for Radio Free Daglan.

The point? Well, it’s simple — even in December there are nice outdoor activities awaiting you in the GDA. Saddle up!


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