A late-November check-up

We’ve been having an exceptionally good autumn, but there are clear signs that winter is on its way. Here’s a quick check-up on the environment in the Greater Daglan Area.

The tourists are long gone, and so many tourist-related businesses are closed — either for a few weeks of annual vacation, or for the whole winter. The pizza restaurant north of Daglan on the main road through St. Cybranet has been closed for quite a while. Daglan’s Le Petit Paris closed a couple of weeks ago, and won’t open until next February. The Basque restaurant in Castelnaud, La Tournepique, is having its annual shut-down. And so it goes.

The lack of activity has affected Daglan’s Sunday market, of course. Today, for instance, there was no cheese vendor and no vegetable seller at the market. There was only the woman who sells spit-roasted chickens; the woman who sells flowers and plants; and a man selling wine. A thin showing.

In the forests around the GDA, the leaves of deciduous trees have mostly fallen by now — but not all. Here’s a photo my wife Jan took this morning on her walk:


The trees are almost bare now.

Walnut trees are among the first to drop their leaves, so they are almost all bare. And some of the softer semi-tropical plants — like the banana trees in the garden of our neighbour Germaine — are pretty bedraggled. On the plus side, the pink geraniums in the planters in front of our house are still flowering, like this:


The dead leaves on the ground are from the wisteria vine above.

Frankly, we’re delighted not to be facing really cold weather — and particularly happy about the lack of snow. But it’s still nice to enjoy the fire each evening in our salle à vivre. Nice and cosy.


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