September song

If you’ve never been to the Greater Daglan Area, and are wondering when to visit, the answer is simple: September. As this month draws to a close, it’s been reminding us day after day why this is the best time to vacation here. Some reasons:

Great weather. Rainfall this month has been almost negligible, and while that has been hard on farmers and gardeners, it’s made for great touring weather. In the afternoons, the temperature has been up around 30 Celsius each day, but the temperature drops overnight and the mornings are cool, crisp and pleasant.

The tourist crush is over. Starting around the last week of August, the number of tourists starts to drop sharply, as families return home with their kids, ready for school. So if you’re visiting now, you can get into restaurants easily (although a few places have already closed, since “the season” is over).  Traffic is down, which makes driving and cycling much more pleasant.

Yesterday we visited the weekly Monpazier market with good friends from Toronto, Kevin and Shirley, who have been staying with us for the week. There was virtually not a cloud in the sky, and the market was busy but certainly not packed. Have a look:


Strolling through Thursday's market in Monpazier.

As we approach October, there are fewer and fewer summer fruits on offer — such as strawberries — but the autumn fruits and vegetables are making their appearance:


Potimarrons -- sort of a cross between a squash and a pumpkin -- are glowing.

The great weather — clear skies and bright sun — make for great viewing. On Wednesday, the four of us visited Château de Beynac after eating lunch at La Petite Tonnelle (still open; still highly recommended). I know I’ve written about the château very recently, but I want to share these two views. First is from an outlook a couple of hundred metres from the château, with great views of the Dordogne River Valley:


Looking down to the Dordogne River.

The next view is from the same lookout, with the château silhouetted against the September sky:


View of Château de Beynac.

So, will we see you here next year? April and May are good choices. June ought to be good — although it’s sometimes surprisingly rainy. July and August? Fine, if that’s your only option, because that’s when your kids are on vacation from school. Just remember it will be crowded. For me, September is the best.

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2 Responses to September song

  1. Rosemary McCaffrey says:

    I enjoy your blog a lot! We just returned from the Dordogne area. Yes, September was glorious. You are so lucky to live there. Thanks for your postings.

    Rosemary McCaffrey

  2. I miss those markets! I continue my hunt for those sausages – or some close approximation – in the St. Lawrence Market, but to no avail…

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