Cooking with Chef Fabrice — Part 2

Yesterday I introduced you to the one-day culinary course that we — wife Jan, daughter Anne, son Michael, his partner Vanessa, and I — took with Chef Fabrice Lemonnier, right here in Daglan.

We had an ambitious lunch menu, and a lot to prepare. As I also explained, part of the time was spent in watching the chef at work, and the rest of the time was spent in hands-on cooking. It was great fun, as you’ll see from the pleased grin on Vanessa’s face:

Making ravioli

Hand-made by Vanessa: a mushroom-stuffed ravioli.

As 1:30 approached, it was time to serve. Here is Chef Fabrice with the soup bowls, ready for our melon gazpacho:

Soup's on

Soup bowls, all ready to be served.

The table was beautifully set for the seven of us (Chef Fabrice’s wife Sam was joining us for lunch):


All set for a lovely -- and long -- lunch.

And now for a look at a few of the finished dishes. First, the chilled melon gazpacho, topped with a melon ball and a chiffonade of black ham:


A lovely way to start off lunch.

For the main course, we had an assiette de poulet: roast breast of chicken that we’d stuffed with a mix of meats and mushrooms, and a confit of chicken leg — that is, cooked in melted fat. This was served with a mash of roast sweet potatoes, and tiny stuffed tomatoes. It was as good as it looks:

Chicken dish

The main event: Chicken cooked two ways.

Of course this wouldn’t be a true Périgordian meal without some very specific local ingredients — including cabecou (the soft local goat cheese) and walnuts. They were served as a salad with a honey dressing, and a red onion marmalade (made fresh that morning):

Salad with cheese

Our cheese course, served as a salad.

We finished off with the gluten-free chocolate fondant served with a poached pear, and then home-made chocolates to accompany the coffee. In sum? A wonderful, educational and enjoyable day. And not surprisingly, none of us felt like having very much for dinner that night.

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1 Response to Cooking with Chef Fabrice — Part 2

  1. Joan says:

    Yummy!! Looks like an amazing lunch – and what fun all of you helping. Next time I come I will expect a lunch like that!!!!
    But where was the wine?????

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