My Tour goes underwater

It’s now 12:30 CDT (Central Daglan Time), and I’m ravenous. One reason is that my wife is now preparing lunch — a spicy shrimp curry, steamed rice, and a tasty Indian vegetable dish called rasedar — and it smells great. The other reason is that we had quite the workout this morning.

A place called the Othentic Spa, in between Daglan and Gourdon, has become something of a second home for my wife Jan and me. We’re there several times a week doing fitness classes in the spa’s large pool. Today, for instance, we did two classes in a row.

So this morning, while you were sleeping or working or just goofing off, I was hanging off the rear end of a bicycle. My feet were strapped onto the pedals, and I was pedalling furiously. But my body was suspended over the rear wheel, I was holding on to the seat for balance, and my hands were nowhere near the handlebars.

I suppose I should mention that I was on a stationary bike, submerged in the pool. An unusual way to get exercise, I suppose, but it seems effective. And it’s especially fun when you can work out to the music of that great French group, Black Eyed Peas.

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