Preparing for the Tour de France

Professional bike riders will tell you that preparing for the Tour de France takes months if not years of arduous training. That may well be true — for them. But for us, getting ready for the Tour has been a simple three-step process, and I’m happy to guide you through it.

Step 1: Go into the garage; get the two Canadian flags we keep there; and bring them out into the sunshine, leaning them carefully against the house, like this:


Finally, two finely furled flags.

Step 2: Unfurl the flags to make sure they still look good and, if you have time, take a photo, like this:

Canadian flag

Does this say Canada, or what? Eh?

Step 3: Furl the flags again, lean them against the house, go unlock the car, and put the flags into the back seat. Here they are, ready for the car:

Two flags

All ready for their trip.

So that’s it. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we hop in the car and drive to Figeac, which the Tour will be passing through. As of today (a rest day for the riders), Canada’s own Ryder Hesjedal (wearing No. 55, and riding for Team Garmin-Cervélo) was standing 43rd overall. So if you watch the Tour tomorrow, you just might see my wife and me waving our Canadian flags wildly and — if he feels like taking a break — having a chat with Ryder. Possibly in both official languages. Of course, he could well decide to just keep on going.

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3 Responses to Preparing for the Tour de France

  1. Kevin Doyle says:

    Watch out for the television cars…..

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