Market indicators

Weekly markets in France are not static affairs. There are certain vendors you can count on, week in and week out regardless of the season, but vendors do come and go. And when we reach the full crescendo of tourist season in the Greater Daglan Area, more and more vendors show up to get in on the action.

As an indicator of activity, today’s weekly market — in Daglan’s village square, a one-minute walk from our front door — shows that the tourist season is well and truly upon us.

Instead of just the few stalls that we see in the late fall and early winter, we now have pretty much every vendor who will show up this year. Here’s a photographic sampling, featuring the work of my wife Jan, one of two official photojournalists on the staff of Radio Free Daglan. We start with an overview of the vegetables and fruits on offer:

Fruits and vegetables.

A wide range of fruit and vegetables, including the first good melons.

And here’s the lady selling strawberries and, behind her, the vendor of plants and flowers:


A choice sampling of fresh strawberries.

Clothing vendors also show up, as the weekly markets get more active. Here are some customers checking out the merchandise:


Checking out some clothes at the market.

And then there are candies for sale:


Liquor may be quicker, but candy is dandy.

And of course there will be a wider selection of cheeses, instead of just the one small table of goat cheeses that shows up at our market on most Sundays:


A display case of cheeses.

Of course with the cheese, you’d probably want one, two, three or even four sausages, like the ones being sold here. (The sign says the sausages are 4.90 euros each, or 15 euros if you buy four; that’s a saving of 4.60 euros. “Help yourself,” it suggests.) Here they are:


Sausages, row on row.

We usually have a wine vendor, offering wines that are made in the vineyards beyond the GDA, like the Bergerac area:


Local wines for sale.

And finally, here’s a view of a couple of stalls offering a wide range of “stuff” — from dresses to soccer balls and dolls:


A bunch of stuff for sale.

So with our lunch today, we had some delicious Charlotte strawberries for dessert, and we now have a lovely melon for breakfast tomorrow. Love those markets.

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