Canada Day in the GDA

One hundred and forty-four years ago, Canada became an independent nation. So today, July 1, was Canada Day — and here in the Greater Daglan Area we celebrated suitably.

First off, we have visitors from Canada, our great friends Keith and Kathy, long-time admirers of Daglan (they were on our first bike trip in the Dordogne, back in 1998). Then, my wife decorated the front of the house with Canadian flags, like this one, shown with our Canadian mailbox (Les Erables means The Maples):

Mailbox and flag

Our mailbox and one of our flags.

Here’s another view, showing both flags, waving in the breeze:

Two Canadian flags

Two Maple Leafs on the front of our house.

At about 10 this morning, we set off on the bike path up to St. Cybranet, where the annual fete is about to begin. We stopped for a late-morning pression or cleansing ale, allowing passers-by to admire the Canadian flag on the back of my wife’s bike:

Flag on bike

A mobile display of Canadian pride.

Then we took off for our final destination, a restaurant called Le Gabarrier on the banks of the Dordogne River in Allas-les-Mines. There we enjoyed a two-hour lunch (starting with champagne) and a beautiful view. The champagne is gone (sorry!) but here’s the view from our table:

River view

A view of the Dordogne at Le Gabarrier in Allas-les-Mines.

All told, we covered 44 kilometres, including one really long hill, and enjoyed great scenery, beautiful weather, good food, good champagne, and a lot of laughter and chat. Boy, the things we do just to celebrate Canada Day!

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