These days are made for cycling

Yesterday was a no-exercise day as my lower back was acting up. But we made up for that today with two bike rides.

This morning, we had a beautiful ride from Daglan to Castelnaud for a coffee, stopping along the way for a nice chat with Caitlin and Albert at their lovely B & B, La Tour de Cause.

Then this afternoon, we headed out to Bouzic, taking a back road to reach the village, and then coming home to Daglan on the main roads. It’s a pretty quick trip, although we spent a fair amount of time on Bouzic’s bridge over the River Céou, watching schools of trout swimming idly around. My wife Jan was up to 40 trout before she lost count. Have a look for yourself:


You just may be able to see some trout.

The days now are perfect for bicycling. It’s a bit cool in the morning (especially in the valleys), so we wear a light cycling jacket. It’s pretty toasty in the afternoon, so no jacket is needed.

Already I’m getting the inevitable biker’s emblem: A set of really tanned knees.

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1 Response to These days are made for cycling

  1. Debra says:

    These are the highlight of my day Loren, thoroughly enjoy them. When I grow up….I want your life! Love to Jan

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