Mystery in the afternoon sky!

This afternoon, after finishing our weekly English lesson for young pupils at l’Ecole de Daglan, my wife and I drove over to Cénac for some chores — washing and vacuuming the car, and doing a bit of shopping. Then we headed on to beautiful La Roque-Gageac and relaxed on the terrace of one of the bar-restaurants with a Campari and Perrier (mine) and a large, tasty but apparently rum-free pina colada (Jan’s).

It was soon after we sat down that we saw the mystery in the sky. Once we finished our drinks, we walked across the road, through the parking lot, and over to the banks of the Dordogne River.

In the centre of this photo, above the hill, you’ll notice a fluffy white shape that seems to be floating in the air. And to the far left, you can make out a few similar objects, seemingly suspended in the deep blue sky. We are making some inquiries, of course, but so far no one around here seems to know what they could be. Have a look:


Look carefully for the white shape above the hill, across the Dordogne.

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6 Responses to Mystery in the afternoon sky!

  1. Double D says:

    While the clouds may qualify for an episode of Weird or What starring William Shatner, the real question is what those two men are doing down by the water. Is that a common greeting in Cenac? Should we be practing this before visiting the region? It seems that you should maintian eye contact through out the jesture.

  2. ChiefScout says:

    Lovely now but who will be laughing when the Dutch come to visit?

  3. foodtable says:

    I don’t really see anything except clouds, but what are those people doing by the river?

  4. Loren says:

    Hi Foodtable — Okay, the “joke” is that the clouds are clouds. But the people by the river are an assortment of police and rescue workers — who had been called (evidently) because someone had seen something at the bottom of the river. A diver was called in, and handed up some “stuff” to another police officer, armed with black garbage bags. From the distance, we could see bones — but not awfully large. So we think it was the remains of a dog or similar creature. Not really a lovely story, is it? Which is why I focussed on the clouds…

  5. Rob West says:


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