Poppy fields aglow

One thing has been bothering me, I told my wife recently: I haven’t seen any fields of red poppies so far this year, and we used to see them all the time. Well, she replied, you’ve obviously missed all the poppies on the back road up to Castelnaud.

We are now back from Prague and our Toronto friends are flying home from Paris today. So my wife and I decided on a bike trip up past Castelnaud for lunch at Aux Trois Saveurs, across the Dordogne. (For my very positive review of the restaurant, see my April 13 post.) And sure enough — there are quite a few poppies around!

On the way back to Daglan, I took this photo of a field of poppies in front of one of the limestone cliffs south of Castelnaud:

Poppy field -- 1

Poppies below a limestone cliff.

To give you some perspective, here’s a photo looking back at Château Castelnaud, perhaps a kilometre or two away (I was using the zoom feature on the camera):


Looking back towards Château Castelnaud.

And then, as we approached Daglan, we came across an even more intense array of poppies. For your viewing enjoyment, here they are:

Poppies -- 2

A burst of red from a field of poppies.

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