Kate and the Prince in Daglan

Okay, we’re not having a street party. And to the best of my knowledge, the French government hasn’t declared Friday, April 29, as a holiday. But there’s still some excitement here about the royal wedding — and my wife Jan and I are getting in on the action.

So on Friday, we’re having lunch at Le Thé Vert, the restaurant, café and tea room at the south end of our village, near the Pont Neuf that spans the River Céou.

Normally, Le Thé Vert is open for the season from May 1 to the end of September. But this year an exception has been made, and the tea room is opening early, on April 29. They’re offering a brunch (with Buck’s Fizz), and a lunch, and an afternoon tea. And of course the telly will be on, to provide live coverage of Kate Middleton marrying Prince William (who, I’m reliably told, is considered a virtual shoe-in to become King one day).

Here’s the front of Le Thé Vert as of this afternoon, promoting Friday’s events with a Union Jack and a photo of the happy couple. It’s not the most common sight in southwest France, so I expect it will attract some attention.

Tea room

A new design for the Union Jack -- with a happy couple in the centre.

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1 Response to Kate and the Prince in Daglan

  1. Lesley says:

    Enjoy an afternoon out. I hope it stays dry for them in London. One advantage about the photo and names on The Flag is that it ought to be the right way up!

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