A new-found favourite

Get set, Mesdames et Messieurs, for an Official Radio Free Daglan Recommendation: Today’s prize goes to Aux Trois Saveurs, a newly opened informal restaurant and pizzeria near Vézac, just across the Dordogne River from Castelnaud-la-Chapelle.

It’s a great setting. About two kilometres beyond Castelnaud, the D-57 road hits a T-junction at the D-703, and from there you can go left to Beynac or up to Sarlat, or you can go turn right and go to La Roque-Gageac. At that intersection, just turn right, go another 100 metres or so, and there sits Aux Trois Saveurs. From the rear of the restaurant, then, you have a great view of fields and forests, looking back at the château of Castelnaud across the river.

Interestingly, there’s been a restaurant on this spot for many years — and yet my wife and I had never stepped inside, for the simple reason that it never seemed to be open. It looked like it was open, and it should have been open, but it was never actually open. At least, so it seemed.

Enter the new owners, who have spruced up the place, given it the new name (the trois saveurs or “three flavours” refer to French, Italian and Caribbean cuisine), and created a very nice covered terrace at the rear.

This morning, my wife and I had left Daglan on our bikes around 10:30, and travelled so quickly up the back road that we had to kill time before lunch  — reading the London Telegraph and going through two coffees each at the outdoor café in Castelnaud. Then we stopped and killed some more time at a pottery shop across the river, and still arrived at the restaurant just before noon. And here it is:

Front of restaurant

Our new discovery -- Aux Trois Saveurs.

Clearly, this is not a fancy place — we were quite comfortable on the rear terrace in our biking clothes, seated on plastic patio furniture. Here’s a look at the view, and I do apologize in advance for the photo being out of focus:

Restaurant terrace

The actual view wasn't this fuzzy. Really.

The food was simple, but very good. We began with kirs (of course), and decided on just one main dish each. My wife had pork tenderloin (with a chanterelle sauce) that she described as excellent, accompanied by potatoes that were properly cooked. (One of the common restaurant failings around here is to serve potatoes sarladaises that have way too much garlic  and have been cooked into mush. Not at Aux Trois Saveurs.) As for me, I had what I think is the best thin-crust pizza I’ve ever had in this area. Honestly, it was so good that as I munched my way through it, I was actually feeling a bit sad that I was coming to the last piece. Here it is:


The "Piquant" model -- highly recommended.

With our meals we shared a half bottle of rosé wine, and were enjoying ourselves so much that we added dessert (flambéed bananas for my wife, walnut cake for me) and then had coffees. Total bill: 40 and a half euros.

Bottom line? I will be stunned if Aux Trois Saveurs isn’t a success. Go early, folks, and go often.

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