To Belvès by bike

Today we had the longest bike ride of the new season — 21 kilometres from Daglan to Belvès, and 21 back. What with a long lunch (on the shaded patio at Le Home, in Belvès) and a nice visit with friends Bix and Sue at their dramatic home with a gorgeous view, there went most of the day. Gosh darn.

It’s really a good ride. From Daglan you head south to St Pompon and go through that village. It’s pretty flat the whole way. After St Pompon the road starts to climb, winding up a hill to St Laurent-la-Vallée and then meandering over a series of hills. Once you’re at the height of land, there’s a brilliant downhill ride of several kilometres that takes you almost to the base of the hill on which Belvés sits. Basically, you hang on to your handlebars and let fly.

We’ve often thought that Belvés looks like a typical hill town in Tuscany — somehow more Italian than French. In any case, it’s “One of the Most Beautiful Villages in France,” according to the official French government sign. And here’s how it looked late this morning, as we approached:

Belvès, France

The road that climbs up into the village of Belvès.


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