We’re going to school!

Not long ago we volunteered to help out at Daglan’s Bal Occitan — an evening of folk dancing, which was held to raise money for the local elementary school. My wife Jan served crêpes (for a mere euro per crêpe) while I manned the bar (beer, cider and soft drinks).  It now turns out that Jan also chatted that evening with the headmistress at our school, and said we’d love to help out there too.

And that’s how quickly things happen around here.

Today we were visiting the Mayor’s office (next to the school) and were waving at some of the kids we know, who were playing in the school yard. Suddenly the headmistress scuttled over to us, and invited us into the room where several children were working at computers — learning how to change the colour of type, how to boldface, how to underscore, and so on. And before you could say Jacques Robinson, we had become volunteer teachers.

Each Monday afternoon, starting next week, we will be teaching groups of elementary school kids to speak English and also how to use computers. Apparently in the early stages, we are to focus on the verbs “to have” (avoir) and “to be” (être). This should be fun.

And unless I’m completely off base, we’ll probably learn as much from them as they learn from us. More reports (bien sûr) will be posted in due course.


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4 Responses to We’re going to school!

  1. ChiefScout says:

    Most excellent! Chief Prof.

  2. Sarah Ker-Hornell says:

    Now that’s a wonderful life!
    Well done, to you both.
    Sarah xo

  3. Letitia & Roy says:

    formidable !!!!!!

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