Some hints of spring

My apologies to loyal readers, anxious for their regular fix of southwest France, but duty has been calling me over the past week — the kind of duty that involves clients who pay me to write. But today, aided by my trusted photojournalist partner (and wife) Jan, we are able to offer a few hints of what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars. No wait, that’s “Fly Me to the Moon.” I mean…what spring is like in the village of Daglan.

First of all, it’s very blue. Blue sky yesterday, blue sky today, blue skies predicted for several days to come. How blue? Like this:

Blue skies and a church

Our nearby church, surrounded by blue sky.

The weather has been nice enough, for long enough, that flowers are out and grass is greening up. Snowdrops have pushed up through the earth and their flowers have already disappeared, so that only their long green leaves mark the spot. And one of our neighbours is confident enough about the weather that she’s lined up quite a row of potted plants outside her door, like this:

Flowers outside a house

Potted plants and flowers, all in a row.

And the wildlife are stirring too. Yesterday, in between Daglan and our neighbouring village of Cénac, we came upon three deer feeding in a field, and when we pulled off onto a path to have a closer look, a large buck crossed right in front of us and disappeared into the forest. This morning, we saw our favourite pheasant in a field where he often feeds (now known, at least to my wife and me, as Pheasant Run). And then this afternoon my wife spotted a nice fat bumblebee, out and about. Yep, spring is dropping hints all over the place.

Bumblebee amidst flowers

A bush of flowers attracts a bumblebee.

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