Saint Valentin and Le Petit Paris

We’re baaaaack! Yes, we had lunch today (for la St Valentin, or Valentine’s Day) at Le Petit Paris, the excellent restaurant in the centre of Daglan, and mere steps from our house. As I wrote in “Survivors!” just two days ago, the restaurant had been closed for its annual break since last November 14. With that, here’s a visual tour of our meal.

We began with the lovely cocktail of Champagne and orgeat (a sweetened almond-flavoured syrup), plus the complimentary serving of rillettes, something like a coarse paté:


Rillettes served with bread from Daglan's boulangerie.

Early on, we had decided on selecting from the menu of les idées du moment, the chef’s “ideas of the moment,” or specials. By choosing the entrée, the plat principal and the dessert from this special menu, the price is 26.50 euros, which is quite reasonable for the quality you receive. We also ordered a half-bottle of white wine, and a half-bottle of red, to accompany the different courses.

So on came the entrées — for my wife, thin slices of foie gras mi-cuit (partially cooked foie gras, delicious and smooth), served with a quenelle of diced mushrooms and a small cup of rich soup, a foie gras velouté:

Foie gras entree

Variations on a foie gras theme.

My entrée was one of the idée du moment choices — breaded mussels that were deep-fried and served on a skewer, accompanied by hummus with a bit of green salad on the side:

Breaded mussels on a skewer

Plump, breaded mussels.

For our main courses (the plat principal) we both had the idée du moment selection — a savoury, incredibly tender serving of oriental-spiced lamb on a galette of potatoes with a sauce of diced tomato and plump raisins. Absolutely delicious:

Lamb dish

Melt-in-your mouth lamb.

Finally, our l’idée du moment desserts — a dish of lemon cream layered with lime cream, something like a deconstructed key lime pie. Wonderful:


Tropical flavours in mid-February Daglan.

On our short walk back home after lunch, my wife had only one (very slight) complaint: that the baker and his wife, who were also eating at Le Petit Paris at the same time as us, had an even-shorter walk to their house. But our 90-second walk couldn’t really be called a hardship. So Happy Valentine’s Day!

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7 Responses to Saint Valentin and Le Petit Paris

  1. ChiefScout says:

    Very nice. Off I go for quenelles of bagel sandwich.

  2. loren24250 says:

    Chief Scout, try it with a deconstructed cole slaw and a velouté of moutarde…

  3. Teri says:

    Sigh. Rob and I are postponing our Valentine’s dinner to a less crazy night, and have decided our dinner tonight will be movie popcorn. That’s almost like foie gras, right?

  4. ChiefScout says:

    Clarification required on the wine. Was that a half bottle of white and a half of red?

  5. Carol Anderson says:

    You know I live vicariously through this blog; you lift my spirit during this cold, dreary winter!

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