Well, we seem to have made it. We have lasted almost three full months since Daglan’s excellent restaurant Le Petit Paris closed for the winter, and today (Saturday) it’s opened its doors for business.

As I wrote last fall in the post “Great day, terrible day,” my wife Jan and I happened to have lunch at Le Petit Paris on Sunday, November 14 — which turned out to be its last meal of 2010. And now we have a reservation for lunch on Monday.

The restaurant normally is closed on Mondays, but of course this coming Monday, February 14,  is special, because it’s la Saint Valentin — what we call Valentine’s Day. So the restaurant will be back in action. It means that we will have managed to survive three complete months without eating at Daglan’s gift to the culinary world. Do we get some sort of badge?

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6 Responses to Survivors!

  1. ChiefScout says:

    A full report is expected.

  2. alix says:

    Enjoy a Kit for us too!

  3. John Ison says:

    Not sure this is in the same category as 18 days in Tahrir Square, but Félicitations!

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