Our beautiful lending laundrette

Don’t hold your breath while you search for a good English-language book store in or around Daglan. You might locate an English-language newspaper and the occasional English magazine, but books are hard to come by.

When we were visiting Daglan twice a year, for a few weeks at a time, we would load up our suitcase with new paperbacks and enjoy reading while on vacation. But books are relatively heavy, so there’s a limit. And now that we’ve moved here, it’s comforting to know that we have a supplier — and a surprising one at that.

In the nearby village of Cénac, there’s a laverie (laundrette) run by a very friendly English family, who also operate a free-of-charge book exchange right in with the machines. The laundrette itself is used by people who don’t have their own washing machines, of course, but also by the many tourist homes (gîtes, chambres d’hôtes) that regularly have large loads of bed linens and towels to wash.

Here’s the entrance, right on the main street into Cénac (and conveniently near Le Pauly, a café you might want to visit):

Laverie in Cénac

More than washing machines -- much more.

My wife does love her Kindle reader, and does order books for it online. But it’s also nice to hold a real book in your hands, and it’s super-nice if the book is free. And that’s the deal: you bring in a book, you take out a book of your choice. Take in five books, take out five books. No charge. No paperwork. And the chance to have a nice chat with some nice people. It’s a beautiful system.

Book shelves

Bring in a book, take out a book.

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2 Responses to Our beautiful lending laundrette

  1. We are open every day, only closing Weds and Sun afternoons and have been here in the Dordogne for 10 years. Bring in your washing – without it we can’t continue to run the book exchange- and collect it washed, dried and folded an hour later.

  2. Teri says:

    I love this!!

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