Happy feet!

First, a warning: the photo below may shock some of you. It includes graphic evidence of (as the Elizabethans would say) a “well-turned ankle,” without any covering.

I do not include this simply to titillate or startle you, but rather to make a point. But let me begin at the beginning.

When I was a young lad in high school on the (lovely) west coast of Florida, I would typically wear loafers (moccasins, Bass Weejuns) without socks. Then in university (“Go you, Northwestern!”), I would often do the same. It’s a style thing.

And now, in the southwest of France, near the very end of January (January? Was there ever a worse month, anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere?), today I did the same. Yes — went to our aqua-gym class at the Othentic Spa without socks. Spent the rest of the day sockless.

The point of all this? For Pete’s sakes, it’s January 27 (French: vingt-sept janvier), (Dutch: tswantzig-semberlass Jungenmusterkuckle) and there is no snow. It’s not brutally cold! We don’t have to shovel! So here we go: Happy Feet!

Boater shoes

Les bateaux (boater shoes) without socks. Daring!

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4 Responses to Happy feet!

  1. Double D says:

    Rex Ryan wants your phone number you tease you.

  2. Sam says:

    Lorenzo, I’ve posted this picture on the Manatee High Class of ’63 website along with your telephone number in Daglan. Tell Jan to bolt the door and batten the windows since no doubt scores of your old (and I underscore that) high school girlfriends will be flocking to France to swoon at your feet.

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