Going postal — once a week

Driving back home to Daglan from an exercise class late this morning, my wife and I were pretty sure what we’d find in our mail box. Actually, we weren’t pretty sure — we were positive what would be in the box.

The reason is that Monday is promotions day. For reasons we haven’t yet figured out, virtually every flyer, brochure, coupon and special offer that you might receive in a given week will be delivered by La Poste on Monday. So, no matter what else you might receive in the mail on Monday — a letter from your aunt, a bill from France Telecom — you’re also certain to receive a thick wad of brightly coloured printed promotions.

For you, this might seem annoying. But for us, this has turned out to be more of a good thing than a bad thing. While none of the pieces is exactly riveting reading, we’ve found it worthwhile going through the flyers and coupons, if only to find out what’s on offer at the area’s supermarkets and other stores. (After all, we’re still in the learning stage.) Also, there are often some amazing offers, and the chance of making a discovery — like the wonderful store in Sarlat that sells nothing but frozen goods. And finally, it’s actually quite satisfying to wad up all the flyers after you’ve had a peek, and throw them in the bin for recycling.

Here’s a look at today’s haul, which included 17 separate pieces (yes, I counted), ranging from single coupons to full-blown multi-page flyers. An impressive haul, yes?


Bargains galore (and a LOT of duck products).

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3 Responses to Going postal — once a week

  1. Double D says:

    We too love getting the package of flyers each week, usually just ahead of the weekend. However over here the delivery of the adverts is reserved for new Canadians. Too bad the same protocol is not observed in France 🙂

  2. John Ison says:

    Interesting contrast to Toronto where Monday brings absolutely no promo flyers except one, Dell Computers in the Globe. Is this because in France people shop during the week and in Toronto on the weekend?

    • Loren says:

      You may be right, John. We’ve noticed that the “specials” often aren’t in effect until a couple of days after the Monday delivery — so people can plan their shopping for later in the week. Also note that there is generally little or no Sunday shopping here.

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