The trouble with triplets

Managing triplets would be difficult for any mother. When Mom is a sheep, having to feed three hungry mouths is a real challenge.

We heard about the lamb triplets a few days ago from friends of ours who live in the hamlet of Le Peyruzel, above Daglan. At one point, it seemed like the only solution would be to hand-feed the lambs three times a day, to take some of the strain off the mother. Having heard that, my wife Jan quickly volunteered to help with the feeding.

So this afternoon, off we went to our friends’ place. It’s a beautiful, rustic spot, nestled among some hills and valleys around Le Peyruzel. Here’s a view of the sheep, grazing on a sunny but cold Saturday afternoon:

Sheep grazing

Sheep and lambs, grazing in the January sunshine.

The triplets include two all-black lambs, and a smaller white one. Evidently, the smaller one was a greater concern, because it was having trouble pushing its siblings out of the way to get milk from its mother. Here are the three of them with Mom, and you can immediately see the traffic jam around the mother’s udder:

Not enough mother to go around.

Today’s good news, however, was that the worst seems to be over — because the three little lambs are starting to feed themselves, nibbling on the grass just like the grown-ups.

White lamb being petted

The little one gets some special attention.

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3 Responses to The trouble with triplets

  1. ChiefScout says:

    Next years lunch?

  2. Meredith says:

    Absolutely adorable!

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