To market, to market…

Weekly and twice-weekly markets are a feature of French village life, and we all have our favourites. For us, the two stand-outs are in nearby Cénac (on Tuesdays) and not-too-far Cazals (on Sundays). Daglan’s own market (also on Sundays) is fine, and certainly close enough (a 60-second walk), but it’s a bit small. The one in Cénac, however, is just about the right size, with the right mix of stalls. Let’s take a tour.

First, here’s an overview photo of the market, which takes place in the centre of the village on a large municipal parking lot, spilling onto a few smaller streets. Because it’s now the middle of January, about as far from the height of tourist season as you can get, the market is sharply reduced in size — perhaps half the size when it’s busiest.

Cénac market

The market on a misty Tuesday morning.

But there are still lots of reasons to visit. For us, Tuesdays are when my wife buys a few duck carcasses and a duck leg or two, plus vegetables, to make a large pot of duck soup. The market has much more than foie gras and duck meat, however. For example, there are flowers and plants:

Flower stall

Brightening January: a flower stall at the Cénac market.

Of course, there are several stalls selling fruits and vegetables, like this:

Fruit and vegetable stall

From apples to zucchinis (oops...courgettes).

There’s a lot of fresh seafood on offer too, at this counter:

Seafood counter

If it's from the sea, it's probably here.

Among the delicacies, some nice fresh mackerel:

Mackerel at a seafood stall

Mackerel from the northeast Atlantic.

And there are stalls with all kinds of odds and ends, delicacies, utensils, and clothing, not to mention furniture, cheese, wine, and olives. Lots of olives:

Trays of olives

Want some olives? What kind?

To top it all off, the visit to Cénac gives me the chance to buy a few things at a bakery on the village’s main street — like a croissant for a mid-morning snack, and a tray of six small macarons, to munch after our lunch back home in Daglan today. Yum.


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2 Responses to To market, to market…

  1. Teri says:

    Oh, how I love a market. I made macarons for the first time the other day — salted caramel, bien sur. I will work on perfecting them, then hand-deliver some to you.

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