It’s looking a bit more like Christmas…

The things I won’t do for loyal readers. In the spirit of keeping you posted on Christmas preparations here in Daglan, early this afternoon I headed out the door to get closer to the village’s little Christmas tree at La Fontaine, wearing a warm coat and armed with my trusty digital camera. This was despite a temperature hovering just below freezing, and despite the snow falling.

To be more precise about the snow, I will now revert to the language of the Inuit, since as you know they have somewhere between 68 and 973 words for the various types of snow. Translated into English, today’s snowfall would be described as “Very fine and light bitsy stuff, like that day a few years back, in the time before the Ski-doo, when Uncle went hunting and managed to catch cold and not much else.” In other words, to be honest, the snow wasn’t much of a factor.

Still, I did want to show you how the municipal workers — loosely described as The Village People — have decorated the tree. First, here is the photo I posted recently, before the tree was fully decorated. I’m sure you’ll remember this:

Christmas tree at La Fontaine, Daglan, France

The Naked Tree: Crying out for decorations.

And here is that very same tree, after it’s been decorated with a series of bows. It’s fairly breath-taking, but don’t go getting all weepy on me, folks:

Decorated Christmas tree in Daglan, France.

All decked out in ribbons and bows.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to head up to Sarlat, to capture some more elaborate decorations, starting with La Village de Noël. Please stay tuned.

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3 Responses to It’s looking a bit more like Christmas…

  1. Janet Roberts says:

    OMG! And for this hard work the workers in France take to the streets in massive protest if their government dares to mess with their wages or retirement.

  2. Suzanne says:

    How about your Christmas tree — decorations — anything?

  3. loren24250 says:

    Our own decorations are slowly, and I mean slowly, being put in place. Watch this space for more (somewhat) exciting details.

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