Rarely on Sunday

It may be wrong to say “never,” but “rarely” certainly describes how often shopping trips are successful on Sundays around here. Daglan’s weekly Sunday market has dwindled to virtually nothing, now that the weather is cool and wet and the tourists have left. And the 8 à Huit, our very good convenience store, is open only on Sunday mornings.

Yesterday morning, my wife walked up to the 8 à Huit and bought a few items we needed for lunch. In the afternoon, I decided that we should drive to Cénac and buy the weekend newspapers; on the way, my wife remembered that we needed to buy milk, and of course by then the store in Daglan was closed.

So the plan was this: drive to Cénac; pick up the newspapers; then stop into the Shopi supermarket; have a café somewhere; and drive home. Simple!

But very wrong, my friends. The Presse store was locked up. The Shopi was closed. So was Le Traverse and Le Pauly, two places where we often have coffees. If we had tumbleweed in this part of the world, it would have been tumbling gently down Cénac’s main street.

Well, we thought, in for a penny, in for a pound — might as well keep driving, north out of Cénac and across the Dordogne River. Surely something would be open in La Roque-Gageac, which is more tourist-oriented than Cénac. At the least, we could have a coffee. Wrong again.

All righty then, how about going all the way into Sarlat? Surely the huge Carrefour supermarket on the northern edge of the town would be open, and we could even have cafés in the McDonald’s that’s on the supermarket’s site!

You guessed it: the Carrefour was closed, and of all the smaller stores in that retail strip mall, only McDonald’s was open.

The bottom line? I had an espresso, my wife had a capuccino, and our car racked up a whopping 55 kilometres (or 27.5 kms per coffee). How about that for a carbon footprint?

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3 Responses to Rarely on Sunday

  1. Letitia & Roy says:

    Hi Loren

    What a journey for a cup of coffee!!! Next time (Sunday or any other day!) just take a short detour on your road to Cenac, take a left on to La Traverse , and you will be most welcome to have a cup of espresso chez nous at Le Peyruzel.

  2. Loren says:

    Thanks so much, Letitia and Roy! We’d be very happy to — so watch for us on your doorstep in the near future.

    • Peter says:

      How refreshing to find a place where Sunday shopping s not allowed. It has pretty much ruined civilization here in the wilds of Canada (well, what we let pass for civilization). Perhaps if we had more enlightened customs here in Canada I wouldn’t find myself at Bonjour Brioche with a fresh latte and steaming croiussant and the weekend papers on a Sunday morning……………sorry to hear about your ill fated Sunday adventure

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