Come on baby … light my fire!

Not to overstate the case, but fires are a big topic around here. Villagers trade notes on where they bought their firewood, whether it’s been properly dried out, how much they paid for their wood, and how much wood they’ll need for a season. That’s because winters here can get pretty cold.

The actual unit where the wood-burning takes place has several names. Some villagers call it a poele, while others use the term cheminée. For the English, the unit itself may simply be called “a fire.”

This afternoon, we accepted the kind invitation of Eddie the chimneysweep (introduced to you in my posting of October 9, “Winterizing in Daglan”) to stop in at the grand opening of his new shop in Concores. That’s a small village about 20 or 30 minutes from Daglan, and Eddie’s email promised that he had “a number of fires on display, including Jotul and Charnwood…”And sure enough, he did. Here’s a look at his shop, which was surprisingly packed with  friends, customers and prospects.

Le Fire Shop

Official opening day for Le Fire Shop.

Over a glass of wine, we had quite the detailed discussion with Eddie about the merits of different makes of fires, and we promised to get back in touch in February. We’re thinking of having a liner put into our chimney, and a new, higher-efficiency fire installed. With a visit in February, Eddie can size up our needs, show us what’s available, give us a price, and if all goes well, order the new fire — to be installed once the weather warms up.

It’s clear that Eddie knows his stuff, and is enthusiastic about what he does. And doesn’t that make for happier customers? And can you believe how far ahead we’re thinking? Yikes!

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4 Responses to Come on baby … light my fire!

  1. John Ison says:

    Moi, j’aime bien le franglais.

  2. Double D says:

    We say go for the Pizza oven fireplace insert!

  3. Loren says:

    Double D — now there’s a great idea. Heat the house while also cutting back on our restaurant expenses! I love it!

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