And so it begins…

We can’t say we weren’t warned. Daglan has an actual winter, we were told repeatedly: load up on firewood, have your chimney cleaned, make sure you have plenty of warm clothes. And so in early October, we had our first load of firewood delivered (reported in my post of October 9, “Winterizing in Daglan”).

Last night, our first real touch of winter arrived — a light dusting of snow began falling around 7 p.m. Here’s how it looked from our kitchen window, with the view up our little street and over our neighbour’s wall (that’s a stone statue of an owl, by the way). You can just make out the snow as it falls near the street light:

Light snow falling in Daglan

Our first dusting of snow begins

And when we woke up this morning (it’s Saturday — hello there!), there was a light covering of snow on roofs and branches. Here’s how it looked from the little window up in our atelier, looking down onto our neighbour’s back yard. (And yes, in case you were wondering, those small vertical windows in her wall were designed for protection. Fortunately, we’re pretty sure Germaine doesn’t have a crossbow.)

Snow-covered back yard

Our neighbour's snow-kissed back yard.

The good news is that earlier in the day, we had still more firewood delivered — twice the amount we ordered in October. It took less than half an hour to load it into our garage, stacked two rows deep, because we had the friendly and enthusiastic assistance of neighbours Françoise and Pierre-Alain. Merci beaucoup!

Wood stacked in garage

A final sweep of the garage floor, and the firewood is ready.

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