A quiet Sunday in autumn

It was overcast this morning as we headed out to Cazals, a village less than half an hour away, to visit the weekly market. The market is one of our favourites, held in the large square at the centre of the village, and it typically has a wide range of stalls — much broader than Daglan’s small market. Aside from the obvious — fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, sausages — there are flowers, skirts, shoes, slippers, escargots, art, cookware, honey, books and greeting cards.

Actually it was the greeting cards that attracted us to Cazals — we were picking up the last of our order of Christmas cards from Kim, an Englishwoman who sells greeting cards as well as cosmetics. Once we’d made our pick-up, my wife went on to buy a chunk of smoked ham and a large butternut squash for soup, and then we visited a couple of shops around the square.

By 12:15, we were ready for lunch, so we headed to Auberge de la Place, and had a thoroughly pleasant meal, accompanied by a 50-cl bottle of Pomerol that I thought was excellent.

And then it was back to Daglan, along a lovely back-country route that we’ve travelled many times, on our bikes as well as by car, past Campagnac-lès-Quercy.  Just before we reached Campagnac, we saw this completely ruined house, with only the pigeonnier standing.

Ruins of a house in rural France

Only the pigeonnier is left standing

Then we pressed on, because we were determined to finish hanging our framed art, which had arrived from Toronto with the remainder of our goods — including enough clothes to last for the next 14 years —  back on November 5. And I’m happy to report that the job is done. A loyal reader, one Doc Jan, may be pleased to know that on the way up the stairs to our new room, where I write this blog, we’ve placed her framed photo of a door in San Gimignano, Italy — taken in September 1997, on the trip that led to the birth of the Wild Forest Pig Contrada. But hey — that’s a whole other story.

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3 Responses to A quiet Sunday in autumn

  1. The Determinator says:

    I remember very fondly the inaugural WFPC Tuscany trip and of course the trip to the Dordogne where we gained weight thanks to the multi course lunches and dinners. Not enough villages at the top of hills like Tuscany. Hope to have news about potential boondoggle early this week.

  2. Janet Roberts says:

    Memories…all fabulous! Now I just need to come to Daglan and see my photo on its new wall. Perhaps a new photo series…windows of France? Love you both! Happy Thanksgiving from your American roots Loren! I will send pictures of the sweet potatoes with mini-marshmellow topping! XXOO

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