A very good idea for dessert

I’ve seen café gourmand listed on many menus in our area, but until now I’ve never got around to trying it. But today at the end of lunch at Au Bureau, in Sarlat, I decided I wanted a nice little sampling of sweets with my coffee. So I ordered it — a cup of espresso, served with a few small desserts.

And listen folks, this is a jolly good idea. The total price was only 5 euros, which is quite good because “normal” desserts (like an ice cream sundae) in decent restaurants are often 6 or 7 euros. What I received was a rectangular dish with the espresso and a small cookie beside it — plus a small (but perfect) serving of île flottante (floating island, the meringue-and-sauce concoction); a small glass of strawberry syrup with a tiny ball of strawberry ice cream with a macaroon on top; and a tasteful slice of the walnut version of what Americans would call pecan pie — all full of caramel fillng.  So add this to your list of things to try when you visit the Dordogne. And you will, you know. Just look:

Café gourmand

Well now, isn't that just yummy looking!

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2 Responses to A very good idea for dessert

  1. Double D says:

    Calling my travel agent first thing in the morning!

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