A cat, a kindness, an apple tart

We’ve become used to finding little presents at our front door. A jar of homemade jam. A small basket of fresh eggs. A bag of figs. Usually we can guess quite easily which of our friends was the donor. But we were a bit stumped last night when we arrived home to find a beautiful apple tart, covered in aluminum foil, on the door step.

We went through the usual list of suspects, took a guess, and this morning asked one of our neighbours if she had made the tart. No, as it turned out. Then we recalled a little incident that took place the day before, and decided we had the answer.

We had arrived home to find our neighbour Vincent out front, with one of his daughters, who was agitated because their cat had escaped the house, was sitting between his house and ours, and wouldn’t come out. Meanwhile, Vincent had to leave for an appointment. Quickly, my wife volunteered to look after the cat — no worries! And sure enough, in an hour or so, she went back outside and found the cat looking a bit cold, and ready to go home. So she scooped it up, and popped it in our neighbour’s house. Then she went the next step and phoned Vincent’s parents’ home up in Le Peyruzel (where she knew he would be) and passed along the good news.

So there’s the answer: In return for my wife’s kindness, Vincent’s wife Carole decided we should have an apple tart. My wife confirmed that tonight by taking the glass baking dish to their house — and immediately the daughter asked if we had enjoyed the tart.

As for me, I enjoyed a nice slice of it after dinner last night with some French (mais oui!) vanilla ice cream, and I further decided that you should enjoy seeing the tart. So here it is:

Apple tart

A homemade apple tart, ready for munching

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