Great day, terrible day

What an amazing coincidence: On Friday night, while visiting at a friend’s house, I suddenly thought that on Sunday (today), we should lunch at Le Petit Paris, Daglan’s excellent, Michelin-mentioned restaurant. (Official Radio Free Daglan recommendation: Le Petit Paris is Daglan’s most excellent restaurant, and in fact is cited by the Guide Rouge of Michelin. If you come here, go there.) “Okay with you?” I asked my wife. “Have I ever said ‘no’ to Le Petit Paris?” she replied. So it was settled.

But why should my title for today be “Great day, terrible day”? The reason is simply this: It turns out that today was the last day of operation for the restaurant until the middle of next February. Yes, folks, it’s the restaurant’s annual winter shutdown. And in short, that’s why today was both “great” (because lunch was outstanding) and “terrible” (how can we ever last three months?).

In any case, we began with particularly excellent cocktails — champagne with orgeat (an almond-based syrup) that you really must try. Then the duck rillettes, as a pre-entrée entrée. And for our meals, my wife and I ordered exactly the same things: the three courses of the l’Idée du moment menu. These are the inspired dishes of the chef. To accompany our meals, a half bottle of Chablis to begin, and then a half bottle of Bergerac rouge.

To begin (the entrée), we had small bowls of a wonderful Chinese-inspired vegetable soup, full of flavour, with lots of finely sliced veggies including Chinese mushrooms, and accompanied by grilled shrimp as a garnish. Here it is:

Soup with shrimp

Chinese soup, garnished with grilled shrimp

For our plats principals (main courses), we had the lamb chops — absolutely delicious, perfectly cooked, and coated with tapenade. They were served on a bed of polenta with a small arugula salad and a ragout of some finely diced vegetables, like a ratatouille.  Thusly:

Grilled lamb chops

The lamb was perfectly cooked

For dessert (English: pudding), (French: dessert), (North American: dessert), (Dutch: zelendendermealmitsuccertorteschmect), we had an outstanding dish of banana cream on a bed of chocolate “stuff” with a ball of wonderful coconut ice cream, pretty much like this:

Banana and chocolate dessert

Bold strokes of chocolate sauce marked a plate of yummy delights

And now the only question is: Where will we be eating for the next three months? Stay tuned!

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