Look out — it’s a super leaf!

You may recall my post about the severe pruning that plane trees get around this time of year. I called it “Pruned it? Nearly wrecked it!” when I posted it on October 17. By now, a good many plane trees in our area have received their annual amputation, but there are still a few sporting their leaves.

And what leaves they are! In my October 17 post, I wrote that “Their leaves are like maple leaves on steroids,” and here’s the evidence. We picked up this leaf as it landed in a parking lot in nearby Beynac today:

Leaf of a plane tree

A plane tree leaf, resting after its fall

At its widest, the leaf measures almost exactly 40 centimetres (that’s more than 15 1/2 inches, for the metrically challenged). And to help you visualize its size, here’s the same leaf, with a normal sized cup and saucer beside it.

Plane tree leaf, shown with cup and saucer

Next to the spreading plane tree leaf, the little saucer stood

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