Basque in its glory

Hard to believe, but I’ve not written about a lunch at Le Tournepique (the Basque restaurant at the foot of Castelnaud, on the Dordogne’s famous Left Bank) since September 1. I hope you weren’t holding your breath!

The good news is that it was a bad day today in Daglan — well, not seriously bad, it’s not like we had a volcano erupt or anything, but it was a bit rainy — so it was time for a bit of Basque sunshine at lunch. And so off we merry well went, to Le Tournepique.

For apéritifs, a glass of vin de noix. A nice, sherry-like drink, somewhat sweet, and a bit warming. Plus a half litre of local rosé with the meal. For me, the same entrée that I described in my September 1 post, which was a collection of tapas goodies. No entrée for my wife, other than stealing things off my plate (the delicious fresh anchovies, the thinly-sliced Serrano ham). And then for my main dish, once again I had the Basque omelette with tossed salad; the omelette is filled with a tomato sauce that is redolent, as they say, with red and green bell peppers.

And for my wife, a sauté of seafood, from fish to shrimp to mussels. Very tasty, and very tasty looking. Just the thing for a rainy day, as you’ll see:

Dish as served at Le Tournepique

Tote that barge, sauté that seafood.

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3 Responses to Basque in its glory

  1. Rusty Brown in Canada says:

    “No entrée for my wife…”

    But that sauté of seafood sure looks like an entrée to me.

    Do you mean “appetizer” rather than “entrée” perhaps?

    • Loren says:

      Actually, “entrée” is correct — in France, it means appetizer, because it is the “entry point” to the meal. In France, the correct term for a main course is “plat principal.” Somehow, over the years the meaning of “entree” got converted in North America to mean the main course.

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