Committing to fitness

It is time to re-group, sharpen the focus, and commit to fitness. Tomorrow morning, we are scheduled for a double program of aqua fitness that I am sure will burn as many as 27 calories.

With this in mind, I thought it would be useful to cut back a  bit at lunch today in Sarlat, at le Bistro de l’Octroi (one of our favourite spots). We each began with a (small) glass of vin de noix as an aperitif, and I did order a bottle of Bergerac rosé. But –get this! — we elected not to begin with an entrée!

My wife settled for a modest lunch centred around roast breast of goose, while my plat principal was the daily special: roast breast of chicken with a mushroom sauce, accompanied by creamy potatoes, lentils with a touch of bacon, a few snow peas, a small roast tomato, and a few small pieces of vegetable mousse.

What restraint! That’s why I felt it was only proper to order the brownies for dessert (as I’ll need some energy for Friday’s acquafitness). (While I’m at it, I’ll just point out that after lunch I bought some new cold-weather biking gear, and did a very nice bike ride this evening to try it out.) I have to say that the brownie dessert at le Bistro de l’Octroi is pretty nicely done, since it’s served with a dollop of whipped cream, a slice of banana in caramel sauce, and a ball of walnut ice cream. See? You can enjoy a modest dessert, once you commit to fitness. It might even look like this:

Dessert plate

Fit to be tried: The brownie plate at le Bistro de l'Octroi

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4 Responses to Committing to fitness

  1. Suzanne says:

    This is not the ‘Chudy’ lunch I remember!

  2. I had a badly made sandwich for lunch today…

    Not jealous or anything…pouts…

  3. John Ison says:

    Deprevation is so good for the soul. What is aqua fitness? A walk in the rain? John.

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