High above Daglan

My wife’s morning walks usually take her to Le Peyruzel,  on top of a hill above our village of Daglan. It’s a collection of a few homes and farms, plus a chateau, so it qualifies simply as a hamlet (French: hameau), (Dutch: hamelgehuctenbourg). To get there, you cross Le Pont Neuf, hang a left at Bunny Meadows, and follow the road until the sign points up to Le Peyruzel.

This morning was pretty chilly, and her photo captured not only the hamlet above us, but the hard frost on the ground under a grove of walnut trees. Here’s how it looks:

Hamlet of Le Peyruzel, France

High above the frosted grove, the little hamlet stood...

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1 Response to High above Daglan

  1. ChiefScout says:

    And down below the termites chewed on Walnut wood.

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