Lunch, Franco-American style

We already have established some traditions. For example, if at all possible, we visit the market in neighbouring Cénac on Tuesday mornings and buy the ingredients for a traditional duck soup: two duck carcasses; one duck leg; and veggies like carrots, leeks, celery and parsley. (As I write this, it’s cooking.) And at lunch, we very often eat the traditional foods of the southwest, like roast duck, confit of duck, or breast of duck. So today in Sarlat, my wife ordered the duck breast, which was served with a sauce on little pinwheels of zucchini. Not unlike this:

Plate of duck breast

Well sauced, well made, but not well done.

We were eating in the restaurant of central Sarlat hotel that we’ve often passed by, and felt like trying a new spot. The restaurant turned out to be an unusual combination of proper hotel dining room and sports bar — there was even a hockey game on the big-screen TVs (Pittsburgh was clobbering Ottawa). It sported the exceedingly clever name of Au Bureau, which translates to At the Office. (Get it? Wife calling husband on his cell phone: “It’s way past dinner time — where are you?” Husband replies: “Au Bureau, ma petite!”

And so this got me in the mood for a taste of North America, and sure enough, there was a “Burger Fermier” on the menu — a beef burger with ham, onions, lettuce, tomato, and some fairly large chunks of goat cheese — served with frites. Also served with a half bottle of Mouton Cadet red. And you know what? It was all pretty good.

Hamburger and fries.

A little taste of North America.

Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, I always (okay, rarely) say — so I went for the kill and ordered a banana split for dessert. And like the burger, it was pretty darn good. So there.

A dessert of a banana split

Another reason the French never get fat. (Ha! As if!)

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1 Response to Lunch, Franco-American style

  1. Teresa Jarvis says:

    The adventure continues…….and isn’t that what retirement is all about?
    Pleased to see you’re both taking to the French lifestyle with such aplomb!

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