Cheese, please

Time is running out on Le Thé Vert for this season. Sadly, Daglan’s convivial tea room and restaurant closes at the end of September and will not open again until next spring. So, after my wife’s morning walk and my morning bike ride, we headed off to Le Thé Vert for lunch.

It was raining first thing this morning, but slowly the skies had begun to clear. By lunchtime, the day was pleasant but still a bit cool, so we ate inside the restaurant rather than on the front terrace. And it seemed like a perfect day for something comforting — something like the cheese fondue lunch.

Our friend Judith, who runs the tea room, had previously recommended the fondue, but we had never tried it before. In the end, we were delighted with the dish — served with boiled potatoes, a variety of charcuterie, cornichon pickles, a basket of bread, and a green salad. The fondue itself was made of Reblochon cheese, a perfect choice. And here it is, our “dish du jour.”

Cheese fondue lunch

Dish du jour: cheese fondue lunch at Le Thé Vert

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1 Response to Cheese, please

  1. Judith says:

    Looks good enough to eat!

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