The Toronto-Paris-Daglan express

Talk about a whirlwind tour. Our friend Teri had some vacation days to use up, so she asked her friend Cynthia (headed from Toronto to Paris) if she’d like company. And just before jetting off to Paris, Teri contacted my wife to see if a side trip to Daglan would be in order. Bien sur!

So yesterday, we drove up to Brive La Gaillard and met Teri and Cynthia at the SNCF station there, and took a leisurely drive home. That included some shopping, sightseeing and drinkies in Sarlat; a drive through the village of La Roque-Gageac; and a tour of Chateau Beynac, the fortress once owned by Richard the Lion Heart. And then home to Daglan.

Today my wife and our two guests visited some nice spots in the village, including our jeweller, and then we all headed for lunch at — you guessed it! — Le Petit Paris. Because the weather was still nice enough, we ate on the terrace. And here are our guests:

Cynthia and Teri at lunch

Cynthia and Teri at Le Petit Paris, Daglan

For our main course, all four of us had the slow-simmered beef, on which sits a seared chunk of foie gras, as shown below. And then, all too soon, we had to drive to Gourdon so  that Cynthia and Teri could catch the mid-afternoon train back to Paris. (It’s a five-hour trip.) All in all, a wonderful if too-short visit.

The beef dish at Le Petit Paris

Nothing like a little foie gras to top off your beef

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3 Responses to The Toronto-Paris-Daglan express

  1. Joan says:

    OMG I am salivating!!!!

  2. Rob West says:

    We’ll be there soon. Very soooooon.

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