A lesson in stress-reduction

Here in the little village of Daglan, stress levels tend to be pretty low. Oh sure, you can get wound up about the “service” provided by France Telecom, or wonder why some things take so long to happen. But generally, life is cool.

But then there are the true masters of reducing stress. And for a simple, two-step lesson in how to be calm, I now give you our female cat, Amélie. Step One consists of sitting down on the carpet, stretching, and (possibly) giving yourself a lick. (This last bit is completely optional.) It goes like this:

Amélie the cat

Getting ready for true relaxation

Step Two consists, simply, of falling asleep. But this should be done with complete abandon — lying on your back, limbs loose. Not all balled up and tight. See how it’s done:

Cat sleeping

Total relaxation, with zero stress

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