Flower power

It’s not all about good food and relaxing bike rides here in southwest France. (Although if you’re interested, you can read today’s Dish du jour, which follows.) Sometimes there’s serious work to do. Like, for example, pruning the flowers and shrubs.

So it was today that I set out to cut back a particularly vigorous shrub of romarin (English: rosemary), (Dutch: rosencrantzundguildensternoostmarinated), which is growing at the side of the house. That completed, I then tackled my pride and joy, an oleander that just keeps thriving, despite the fact that we were advised it would never survive a winter unless we dug it out and put it in the garage for protection. The shrub had grown to about 7 feet, so I trimmed it back to a more manageable 6 feet, cutting off most of the flowers as I went. But one nice bunch of flowers remained, which show up nicely against the yellow-white limestone of our house. Like this:

Photo of oleander flowers

Pink oleander flowers against a sunlit stone wall

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2 Responses to Flower power

  1. Debra says:

    Hi there,
    Met Joan for dinner the other night and she was telling me about your website and the lovely stories, particularly the photos of the wonderful meals…and wonderful they appear to be.
    Your entries are thoroughly entertaining, as if I’m there, very enjoyable, keep them coming, I look forward to the next entry.

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