Swing, swing, everybody swing swing

Well, now we can say we’ve played golf in France. But we’re pretty sure that the once will be enough.

My wife had never played golf, ever. I haven’t played in years and years. But there we were at about 9:30 this morning, hitting out balls on the driving range at the Golf Club de Lolivarie, outside Siorac-en-Périgord, about a 25-minute drive from Daglan. And then away we drove in our electric golf cart, to play nine holes.

Sensing our potential incompetence, the woman in the club house had smartly suggested that we play the back nine, thus avoiding all the other players who were starting off on the first hole. And so we hacked and swung and whiffed our way around the last half of the course, until (alas) we had lost all the golf balls we had bought, except one. So by the very end, my wife was having fun acting as my caddie, driving the cart, and encouraging me in her best Scottish accent. It worked, because look at the inherent mightiness in this swing:

The golf swing

Left arm straight, head down, and so on and so on

And the result? A perfect hole in 11. And then we went for — you guessed it — a very nice lunch.

Golf ball approaches hole

In it goes!

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4 Responses to Swing, swing, everybody swing swing

  1. Janet Roberts says:

    Two comments…for your ears only…in Texas we call golf…”whack-fuck”…no better way to describe it…and THE best Bob Shaunessy saying EVER…”I don’t play golf…I am still sexually active”…sorry that it is all over for Jan!

  2. Steve Adams says:

    You know Loren, I so enjoy you stories and will be living there in the not to distant future.
    However Janet Roberts comment tops the comment list. I to am still sexually active and I know Robby would be howling right now…oh Jan…sorry.

  3. Loren says:

    Well, as I suggested in the blog itself, that will be the last time we play golf! Too many other things to do, if you get my drift…

  4. Double D says:

    Your swing is a disaster. Left arm should be straight and you should be twisting from the hips not bending your knee. Consult your local Pro. Hum… I have never heard of a french PGA champion? Hopefully you factored in the lost golf balls in the retirement plan. We can supply more if desired.

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